What does the curriculum cover?

  • Dynamics of Sexual Offending
  • Causes of Juvenile Offending
  • Typologies of Offenders
  • Engagement of Clients in Denial
  • Assessment Issues and Techniques
  • Treatment Planning
  • Inviting Responsibility
  • Human Sexuality
  • Phases of Treatment
  • Overcoming Denial
  • The Cycle of Violence
  • Trauma Reactive Behavior
  • The Committing Offense
  • Life Review
  • Prevention Planning
  • Individual, Group
  • Strategies for Family Engagement
  • Parent Education
  • Staff Development
  • Therapist Self-Care

How is the Credentialing Training Structured?

  • PHASE ONE:  The Juvenile Sexual Offending Counselor Certification Program (JSOCCP) begins with a a significant amount of reading, and assignments based to be completed prior to arriving at the institute. Participants are furnished their training materials 3 to 4 weeks ahead of attendance so they may concentrate their attention on course work while in Louisville.
  • PHASE TWO: The second phase is an intensive 5-day training experience conducted (typically at the University of Louisville Shelby Campus) where participants concentrate on a rigorous schedule of course work.  Various instructional techniques combining didactic and experiential exercises are used to enhance the learning experience.  Participants develop a personalized practicum proposal in the 5-day period as well.
  • PHASE THREE: The final phase of the Certification process requires the participant to complete a practicum once back in their work setting.  These practicums are unique and tailored by the student and faculty to maximize relevance to their job requirements (i.e., a part of their duties, not in addition to regular work).  Students submit videotaped sessions demonstrating their progress in specific skill areas. Faculty provide clinical review and consultation throughout the practical experience. Certification is granted after a student demonstrates competency through the completion of all phases of the training process.  A Certification diploma verifying successful completion of the program is then awarded. Participants will have 6 months to complete the practicum tasks.  For agencies or states with 20- 25 more people needing training, the training may be conducted exclusively for the agency/staff on their home site. Please contact the JSOCCP office for information on this option.

Who does the credentialing and what does it cost?

  • JSOCCP credentialing is conducted by instructors of the Juvenile Sexual Offending Counselor Certification Program, first begun by the University of Louisville’s Center for Family Resource Development, in the Kent School of Social Work.
  • The cost of the program, $1375.00, includes registration fees for the institute, practicum, and special lectures, training materials, books, and study guides. Participants are responsible for meals, lodging and personal expenditures.  The program does have hotels that offer special rates for us to assist participants in reasonable cost accommodations.

Who should I contact for more information?

If you are interested in more information about the JSOCCP, please contact our office at the following address:

Email: office@jsoccp.com